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North Carolina Swan & Duck Hunting

North Carolin Duck and Swan HuntingNorth carolina swan hunts
Every waterfowler owes it to themselves to see the fall migration of Swans,Geese and Ducks through eastern North Carolina. The bulk of this migration is made up of Tundra swans in late Dec and January. When swans leave the roost they can literally blacken the skies of Eastern North Carolina. That is when you want to be in a layout blind in a corn field surrounded by a thousand Swans or in our float blind in Currituck sound with over 150 swan and duck decoys waiting for the white “tornado” to start! Let our fifteen consecutive years of hunting in North Carolina help you have the hunt of a lifetime. We encourage hunters to bring their children and other relatives. Hunting has always been at the core of our families and we hope that you can share this experience with yours. This is why we have reduced rates for those 18 or younger.

What to Bring/Expect on Currituck Sound North carolina swan hunts

The weather in North Carolina is highly variable during our fall hunts and you should bring a variety of outerwear to match. A Gore-Tex, or similar outer camouflage jacket is a good start along with fleece or wool layers to add or remove as needed. Waders are not usually needed, but rubber knee high boots typically work well. Insulated bibs help keep your lower body warm and comfortable, making it easier to stay in the field or blind longer. We will start hunting an hour before sunrise and go over any last minute questions or concerns. Safety is a top priority and we will have a brief discussion before the hunt. We typicallyquit hunting around 4pm. Most hunters prefer autoloader or pump shotguns with 3-3.5 inch shells loaded with steel #2 . The high density loads work very well also, especially number 2. We recommend that you bring 3 boxes per day. You might not need them all, but better safe than sorry. Our average hunts harvest in the mid teens through the twenties. However, hunts in the single digits happen, Hunters should also bring plenty of snacks and beverages (no alcohol in the field).

Hunting Dates for North Carolina swan and ducks
We start hunting in North Carolina soon as the season opens this is typically during the middle of November. We hunt till the end of the season; this will usually take us into the last week of January.

NC Hunt Packages and Rates North carolina swan hunts
We are currently offering two North Carolina packages, a weekday and a weekend. By hunting at least 2-3 days your chance at having a highly successful hunt greatly improves. We will limit blinds to 4 hunters and groups of 2-4 will have their own blind. Contact us for info on smaller groups or if these packages do not meet your needs and we will work something out. Feel free to bring along non-hunting companions and family to share your hunt. For each group we will need a contact person with e-mail and phone #’s. This person will be responsible for payment and coordinating the hunt with us. A 50% deposit is due up front and the remainder is due 2 weeks prior to the first day of your hunt (cash or cashier’s check preferred, but we do take credit cards). If we have to cancel your hunt for any reason (no birds, extreme weather) we will refund your deposit. Your lodging and meals Are Not Included in the hunt package, however, reservations will be made for your entire group prior to your hunt in the local North Carolina hotels. We will give you exact directions as to where you will be staying. Most of the hotels we use welcome hunters and their dogs and are usually quite affordable.

Adult Weekend package:
$200pp per person hunt day, min 3 hunters per day = Duck hunting, Trophy Swan hunts add $100 per hunter
Adult Weekday package:
3 day special $525 per hunter for 3 days of guided hunting. No hunting on Sundays in NC

To book a North Carolina duck,goose or swan hunt call our main sales Office toll free at 877-801-228



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